Drilling Services

We extended our drilling operations to other GCC countries such as Qatar and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Also we’ve registered the company in those countries and executed drilling projects with Schlumberger Overseas Company, State of Qatar, the HRB Drilling uses exclusively rigs from the finest, popular and many years of Research & Development manufacturer Company from Germany & USA.

Our specialized drilling equipment enables us to drill
  • Maximum Drilling Depth up to – 2000 Meters
  • Maximum Borehole Dia Meter up to – 1000 mm

Our Services

  • Drinking & Domestic Water Supply

  • Irrigation Well

  • Deep Wells to utilize Geothermal Energy

  • De-Watering

  • Supply of submersible pumps

Our Services

  • Industrial Water Supply

  • Ground Water Monitoring Well

  • Geophysical logging activities

  • Supply of Marble

  • Trading of Water related Items

Our Services

  • Cathodic protection (CP) wells

  • Recharge & Injection Well

  • Sea Water Beach Wells

  • Supply of Omani Wadi Gravel & Gabro

  • Pipeline Works

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